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At present leaving behind our traditional and cultural values our educational institutions are blindly following the endless race, may be we can enjoy success for a while on worldly achievements but cant attain eternal peace and personal satisfaction. We believe in growth with moral values and humanity keeping worldly success at secondary level in public interest and global harmony. Here are our some Innovative & Creative projects seeking opportunities to explore the hidden fruitful potentials in us as a student, teacher and a good learner

DIVINE EDUCATION : This project is to provide answers of below mentioned curiosities 
  • शाक्षात्कार / KNOW YOURSELF
  • Who are you / आप कौन है
  • Why are you / आप क्यूँ है
  • Where are you / आप कहाँ है
  • What affects you / आप को क्या प्रभावित करता है
  • Know your body / अपने शरीर को जाने   MUCH MORE WAITING FOR YOU 

PATRIOTISM – BHARTIYAM : To inculcate true sense of nation service virtues in our future citizens         

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